My Regular Magazine Gig

I contribute to a writers magazine on a monthly basis covering all areas of the writing life. It is a way to encourage and inform writers of the many avenues of this particular skill.

You can scroll through my articles here. If you have any questions I am always open to answer, just comment below.

This was a fun chat about a recent article.

Author: mandyevebarnett

I have lived on several continents in my life - because of this I have a deep sense of their varied spiritual, physical and emotional depths. My imagination draws from my unconscious and remembered events and feelings giving my creativity a unique flavour. Children's books - Rumble's First Scare, Ockleberries to the Rescue.YA books - Clickety Click and Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria. Adult books - The Rython Kingdom, The Twesome Loop and Life in Slake Patch. Books all available from: and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. My blog is -

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