When a Client Requests an Extension to the Deadline



As we all know we are sometimes put in the position of requesting an extension to a deadline from our clients. However, I was put in the opposite situation with a client recently. The deadline had been set upon agreement of the project and I worked diligently towards that goal.

It soon became apparent that my client’s busy schedule hindered feedback and cancelled appointments were soon commonplace. As any freelancer knows when you have projects pending you schedule each one within the parameters of the deadlines set and give yourself ‘breathing room’ just in case. This particular project has extended nearly two months beyond the original deadline – yep 2 months!

As my other projects are more personal than client based this situation has not hampered or inconvenienced any other parties. It is however an unusual predicament when I am ‘chasing’ my client for updates rather than the other way around. I am walking a fine line between patience and impatience as I had projected a finish line and the ability to immerse myself in a large personal project long before now.

With an impending writing retreat specifically booked to begin my assignment, I am anxious to complete my client’s  project before the end of this month. Fingers crossed it will happen.

Have you ever experienced this kind of situation?

How did you deal with it?

Can you share any tips?