5 Core Essentials for a Freelance Business


When we begin our freelancing business, we are excited and anxious to start but we need to lay down a solid business model first. Not only do we need to look and sound professional but also have documentation to back it up. Let’s look at how we can achieve a business core.

1. Always prepare for any interview in advance. Look at the person/company inquiring to hire you – list questions about them and what their vision is for the project. Ensure you take high-quality notes when discussing the project. Make sure you have researched the fees for such a project and negotiate prior to creating a contract for the job. Make sure you know what your client wants by reiterating the details before completing the interview. Remember to communicate with your clients and enhance your complementary skills.

2. Generate ideas and compile an idea file for the type of clients you wish to attract. Create a brand around your niche. Double down on your niche to develop multiple income streams.  Write well-crafted pitches. Gather testimonials to put on your website – make sure you update your business profile on all media outlets – website, social media, professional websites etc.

3. Don’t rely on just emails/cold calling and online activities to acquire clients, attend local business forums and workshops, conferences etc. Actively network with other writers online. Join any local organizations that will give you better exposure.

4. Consider your workspace as a working space. You may work from home but having a designated area for ‘work’ and a regime will aid your productivity. If you are lucky enough to have a ‘spare’ room make it your home office.

5. Develop a system to manage your  projects. This will help you master your time management and organization skills. There are systems available for any size of business.