When a Client Requests an Extension to the Deadline



As we all know we are sometimes put in the position of requesting an extension to a deadline from our clients. However, I was put in the opposite situation with a client recently. The deadline had been set upon agreement of the project and I worked diligently towards that goal.

It soon became apparent that my client’s busy schedule hindered feedback and cancelled appointments were soon commonplace. As any freelancer knows when you have projects pending you schedule each one within the parameters of the deadlines set and give yourself ‘breathing room’ just in case. This particular project has extended nearly two months beyond the original deadline – yep 2 months!

As my other projects are more personal than client based this situation has not hampered or inconvenienced any other parties. It is however an unusual predicament when I am ‘chasing’ my client for updates rather than the other way around. I am walking a fine line between patience and impatience as I had projected a finish line and the ability to immerse myself in a large personal project long before now.

With an impending writing retreat specifically booked to begin my assignment, I am anxious to complete my client’s  project before the end of this month. Fingers crossed it will happen.

Have you ever experienced this kind of situation?

How did you deal with it?

Can you share any tips?



Freelance Projects Can be Diverse But That’s The Joy Of Them

Today saw the completion of several projects I have been working on and progress on another. It is always satisfying to finish assignments, knowing your client is happy with the end product.


I edited and beta-read two vastly different manuscripts – one a thriller and the other personal essays/memoir. In order for me to remain ‘in touch’ with each manuscript I read them in different locations and time of day. This ensured my mind set was right for the theme I was reading. I find it is not a good idea to ‘mix’ these type of assignments – the brain needs to be clear of other demands to make clear assessments.

The other project – ghostwriting a book – is much more complex as I am working with a client whose vision for the book is clear and precise. They know what voice and tone they want for the book as well as the addition of a host of images.

With multiple clients it is essential to schedule each one giving thought to the time it will take for each one (plus a little more time for a safety margin- this is vital). You can use a reverse calendar for organizing or a large wall calendar to plot each one in different coloured pen or highlighter.

I utilize a reverse calendar and colour code to give me a visual reminder.

I found these links which give good advice & some tips on scheduling processes.



What method(s) do you use?


The variety in my freelance work is what makes it enjoyable and worthwhile. I have ‘learnt’ about such diverse subjects as accounting, yoga, massage therapy, furniture, non-profits, boarding kennels and more!

What do you feel freelancing gives you?

Ghost Writing Project Review


Further to my previous post, some of you know I was approached by my publisher, Dream Write Publishing concerning a ghost writing project a couple of weeks ago. I met with the client and discussed in detail her vision for the book she wishes me to write. Not only will it be a book available through the normal channels but also as a marketing tool for her speaking engagements.

I like to meet face to face with clients as it allows me to not only get to know them but also their ‘energy’, humor and a more in-depth perspective of where they are coming from and their ‘vision’ of the finished article/book.

This particular individual is bubbly, enthusiastic and driven. These facets of her personality need to be reflected in the book. She loves memes, image driven inspiration and wants the book to be informative but also fun. This gave me plenty of information to base my plan on for the project.

Her main aim is to inspire people to take their idea and make it a reality.

It will be an interesting project and I hope she will allow me to work for and on behalf of her to create

My Excuse for Dropping the Ball – Non-Profit Volunteering


Well this is embarrassing, I have not posted on here since 9th June. What the heck happened? Well life happened that’s what. Summer is a time of great weather (most of the time), visitors, vacations and in my case several road trips.

In my defense, I have been exceptionally busy with other activities rather than freelance writing. I became Vice President of the Arts and Culture Council of Strathcona County, which required a massive input to get the organization on track. This is still an ongoing project and we will see if my efforts enable this council to flourish.

To focus on this project has given me an insight into another non-profit organization (I am secretary of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County as well – yes I’m a glutton for punishment!). I would say the two organizations are chalk and cheese in their activities and member involvement. Thus the reason I was asked on board – I am known for my forthright, hands-on approach.

I feel that all the arts are as important as any other intellectual, physical, or spiritual endeavor to expand a person’s enjoyment and health. A creative hobby gives a person an outlet for expression – be it pottery, writing, painting or weaving. It also enables us to relax and loose the stress of every day life.

To be passionate about something gives our lives more meaning and is a great way to meet new people and expand our social circles. This is more important as we age, as children we play with anyone in the playground etc. but as we get older that complete abandon diminishes unfortunately. A shared activity or passion goes a long way to help meet new people.

So with my organizational skills, social media prowess and stubbornness not to give up – I am making a difference to my local art and cultural community.

Do you volunteer?

What groups/organizations do you belong to?

What difference has it made to your life?



Which Type of Freelancer Are You?

I read the attached article with some interest today – http://www.onespace.com/blog/2015/10/6-types-of-freelance-writer/

freelancer type

As a new and ‘hungry’ freelance writer we try to do it all – content, articles, and promotional leaflets, blogs etc but it may be detrimental to us building a successful business. If we promote ‘I can do it all’ and then not deliver, we will not only loose the client but more likely our credibility, which is far more critical in an increasingly competitive market.

Take some time to really define what your strengths are in your writing expertise and style. Tailor that to the clients you approach and how you advertise/promote your business. With the knowledge that the projects you are given are within your ‘scope’ will make the tasks easier and more enjoyable. With successful submissions to your clients, they are encouraged to use your services again.

Which type are you?

What are your strengths?

I enjoy creating blog posts, articles and newsletter and website content, all of which reflect my clients image and ‘voice’. You can see samples on my testimonial page.