Samples of Articles & Hosting

Freelancer links: freelancer

On-Core Bookkeeping:     Bookkeeping_300px

Strathcona Connect links: SConnect

Due to a change of host these links are not available at present.

Kelsey Incorporate Blog Posts: kci

Due to a change of host these links are not available at present.—blog/is-your-lack-of-sleep-affecting-your-productivity-or-is-it-the-other-way-round—blog/tips-to-make-tax-time-less-stressful-for-your-small-business—blog/benefits-of-owning-your-own-business-part-1—blog/dealing-with-difficult-customers1—blog/benefits-of-owning-your-own-business-part-2—blog/marketing-on-a-budget—blog/benefits-of-buying-local—blog/cash-flow-a-tricky-balance

Historical Articles for Old Strathcona:

Submission at Scribe Slice:

Article for Authors for Altruism – December 2013:

Guest blog article:

Hosting Events

Apart from the monthly writing group meeting I host and create writing exercises for, I also have hosted several writing workshops and made presentations at writing conferences.

Hosting 2 interactive community discussions in Strathcona County. 2016

ccsc16 Hosting 2 sessions

My most recent event was an online interview with Strathcona Connect informing the audience of our writing group, The Writers Foundation of Stathcona County (move forward on the sound bar).



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