Cultivating New Client Relationships

Clients come from many different avenues, word of mouth, your website contact form, local advertising, or through another organization you are associated with. This last communication type is how I began working with a new local client this year.

I am creating blog articles on a regular basis for the business. A fun fact is I actually went for a job interview at the establishment decades ago! Maybe it is fate – who knows?

Once I replied to the initial email, I arranged to meet with the client and we discussed not only what the job would entail, but the history of the company and its ethos. This is vital information when creating blog content. I can mirror the company’s style and capture their audience’s attention.

Subsequently, I have met with the owner again and several of his staff. The more I interact with everyone the more I can gauge my content, as well as become a part of the team. To this end I have offered my expertise on a couple of points to increase the blog traffic and suggested some revisions. Obviously, it is important not to be pushy or demanding with a client, after all it is their business, not yours.

Working with clients on a freelance basis should be mutually beneficial. Remember you have an agreement and it is important to meet the parameters (and supersede) expectations. This will guarantee a continuing relationship and further work.

Here are a few points to take into consideration and practice.

1. Figure out what your clients value

2. Never sell services they don’t need

3. Be an authentic and reliable person

4. Create transparency in your billing

5. Host opportunities for face-to-face interactions

7. Show them that you care and are trustworthy

8. Set Regular Check-Ins

9. Be Consistent

10. Build Trust

11. Show Gratitude and Appreciation

12. Be professional

My Regular Magazine Gig

I contribute to a writers magazine on a monthly basis covering all areas of the writing life. It is a way to encourage and inform writers of the many avenues of this particular skill.

You can scroll through my articles here. If you have any questions I am always open to answer, just comment below.

This was a fun chat about a recent article.

Finding Your Article Niche

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There are a multitude of topics to write about for blogs, but also for articles you submit to magazines. I regularly write for a writers magazine with a focus on the writing craft. With a monthly topic to create and submit, this practice allows me to improve my writing skill and reach new audiences.

As freelance writers, the more you can highlight your skill the better and utilizing your knowledge and personal viewpoint is a great way to get your name and business known.

The following is a list of possible topics you can cover, however, there are topics I am sure you will be able to add of your own. Everyone has some knowledge within these specific topics, making your voice article unique.

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Finance – including personal finance, accounting, financial stocks, and cryptocurrency (this can be split into sub divisions – budgeting/frugality, blockchain, cryptopreneurs, bitcoin mining, crypto credit), and budgeting/frugality tips.

Travel – including travel guides, restaurant reviews, hotel reviews, travel deals, travel lifestyle.

Digital Marketing – including affiliate marketing advice, email marketing, social media (again this can have subsections – Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc.), push notifications, search engine optimization, eCommerce.

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Education – including college life, education manuals/curriculum’s, finding a college/university, defining your major & minor subjects.

News topics – giving your viewpoint on a current news items, personal experiences.

Daycare and Pre-k – what to expect, finding a facility, preparing your child.

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Alternative Health – yoga, chiropractic care, essential oils, crystals, meditation, D Organic Living/Non-GMO, specialty diets – Keto, Intermittent, Paleo, etc., supplements, CBD oils, bodybuilding, addiction recovery, running/jogging, DIY therapies.

Senior living – preparing for retirement, hobbies, community facilities, senior lodges/residences, health (mental & physical), socializing, groups, memoirs & legacy, preparing a Will.

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Food & Wine – including cooking techniques, product reviews, recipe developer, food events, food industry news, wine/beer making, special diet recipes.

Outdoors/Backpack Life – hiking trials, horse back riding, cabin life, emergency preparedness, essentials to pack, camping.

Fitness & Exercise – including weight loss, exercise routines, weight lifting, exercises for limited movement/age/disability, walking, sports.

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Pregnancy – fertility, what to expect each month, birth plan, diet, exercise, choosing a name, breast feeding, siblings, pets.

Entertainment – celebrity gossip, TV shows episode recaps, movie reviews, music releases, review of awards, favorite show/actor, book to movie review.

Sports – including reports on sporting events and players (scores, player stats, interviews, etc.) attending sports events.

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Beauty & Fashion – trends, where to buy, seasonal colours, makeup for all ages, tips for overcoming skin problems, hairstyles, manicure/pedicure, fashion for special occasions i.e. wedding, party, or event.

Tech – this can cover all aspects from laptops or computer programs, general maintenance, tips for household items, vehicle troubleshooting.

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Real Estate – comparing neighbourhoods, what to look for when buying, what questions to ask your realtor, preparing to sell, home improvements that help sell.

Parenting – including family life, homeschooling, pregnancy, healthy diets for kids, hobbies, chores & responsibilities, sport and cultural activities, homework, reading.

What topics do you write about? What is your experience of submitting articles?

New Year – A Decluttering Opportunity

Our working environments have an effect on how we work, whether we realize it or not. As the projects during the year are complete, gathered and researched etc. a clutter begins to accumulate. It is never intentional, it just happens.

There are always file folders, emails, notes, correspondence, and more, for each project. As we all have our favorite method of organizing, these are some examples:

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  1. Put all paperwork into a pocket folder for each project.
  2. Create an electronic folder for every project.
  3. Categorize projects by type or client.
  4. Maintain an invoice file, whether physical or electronic, for tax purposes.

Whichever method you choose, this gives you a feeling of accomplishment and space! For example, I have a cupboard where I store a multitude of items. My novels, promotion materials, legal documentation, summer shoes, wrapping paper etc. It becomes messy over time as I add or use items. I chose to reorganize it and, as you can see, it makes a huge difference. Not only can I find things at a glance, but esthetically it is pleasing, as well as satisfying. (Before and after photos)

My next task will be my working desk, where freelance projects are given priority, as well as creation of presentations and workshops.

Do you declutter for the New Year? What methods do you use?

Special Price Freeze Offer from Tailored and Themed to Suit – Freelance Writing Resource

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As always pricing is based on the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) rates but tailored to each client and project.

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