Freelance Writing – Which Type are You?


Within the freelance writer industry, there is a whole range of options to choose from, whether you are technical, analytical or creatively minded. Let’s look at the main categories:

Web Content Writer

Writing for websites or creating social media content.

Technical Writer

Crafting content using complex, technical descriptions, explanations and procedures and putting them in layman’s terms for consumption.

Business Writer

Writing professional white papers, reports, articles, press releases, pamphlets, business proposals, and preparing speeches.

Newspaper or Periodical Writer

As a news article writer, you must remain as objective and unbiased as possible but when writing editorial it is your opinion that counts as you interpret or analyze political, economic and other current events. You can also write movie, book, and music reviews.

Instructional Writer

Composing educational content.


You will write blogs, articles, books or other content for someone else under their name.

Do you specialize in a specific type of freelancing? Which type are you?

Have you categorized yourself? An easy exercise is to define your strengths, professional background and experiences to help define your niche.


Although, it is not popular with the freelance industry, I have found I enjoy creating blog posts, articles and newsletter and website content, all of which reflect my clients image and ‘voice’. This might make my ‘type’ more general but with a vast amount of professional and personal experience to draw from, I have been able to succeed with a variety of projects from rewriting a bio to ghost writing a book and many ‘types’ in between.

Freelance Writer for Hire for 2020 Projects


I have openings for new freelance writing projects in 2020. With my experience across a multitude of writing projects, we will be able to tailor-make whatever project you have to your vision.

Please feel free to browse the testimonials here on this website and I am happy to answer any questions or  discuss your project, whether large or small via the contact form.