My Excuse for Dropping the Ball – Non-Profit Volunteering


Well this is embarrassing, I have not posted on here since 9th June. What the heck happened? Well life happened that’s what. Summer is a time of great weather (most of the time), visitors, vacations and in my case several road trips.

In my defense, I have been exceptionally busy with other activities rather than freelance writing. I became Vice President of the Arts and Culture Council of Strathcona County, which required a massive input to get the organization on track. This is still an ongoing project and we will see if my efforts enable this council to flourish.

To focus on this project has given me an insight into another non-profit organization (I am secretary of the Writers Foundation of Strathcona County as well – yes I’m a glutton for punishment!). I would say the two organizations are chalk and cheese in their activities and member involvement. Thus the reason I was asked on board – I am known for my forthright, hands-on approach.

I feel that all the arts are as important as any other intellectual, physical, or spiritual endeavor to expand a person’s enjoyment and health. A creative hobby gives a person an outlet for expression – be it pottery, writing, painting or weaving. It also enables us to relax and loose the stress of every day life.

To be passionate about something gives our lives more meaning and is a great way to meet new people and expand our social circles. This is more important as we age, as children we play with anyone in the playground etc. but as we get older that complete abandon diminishes unfortunately. A shared activity or passion goes a long way to help meet new people.

So with my organizational skills, social media prowess and stubbornness not to give up – I am making a difference to my local art and cultural community.

Do you volunteer?

What groups/organizations do you belong to?

What difference has it made to your life?