New Year – A Decluttering Opportunity

Our working environments have an effect on how we work, whether we realize it or not. As the projects during the year are complete, gathered and researched etc. a clutter begins to accumulate. It is never intentional, it just happens.

There are always file folders, emails, notes, correspondence, and more, for each project. As we all have our favorite method of organizing, these are some examples:

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  1. Put all paperwork into a pocket folder for each project.
  2. Create an electronic folder for every project.
  3. Categorize projects by type or client.
  4. Maintain an invoice file, whether physical or electronic, for tax purposes.

Whichever method you choose, this gives you a feeling of accomplishment and space! For example, I have a cupboard where I store a multitude of items. My novels, promotion materials, legal documentation, summer shoes, wrapping paper etc. It becomes messy over time as I add or use items. I chose to reorganize it and, as you can see, it makes a huge difference. Not only can I find things at a glance, but esthetically it is pleasing, as well as satisfying. (Before and after photos)

My next task will be my working desk, where freelance projects are given priority, as well as creation of presentations and workshops.

Do you declutter for the New Year? What methods do you use?

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