8 Ways to Get Repeat Freelance Business

In the freelance world there is always the worry that another project will not materialize, it is the momentum that propels us to promote our services. One of the ways we can maintain a constant flow of work is to keep in contact with past clients. This is mutually beneficial, as you know the client and they know you. I gained a new ghost writing project this month by doing just that!

There are specific methods you can use to retain clients and gain repeat projects.

  1. Keep your relationship with the client professional but friendly. Let them see your intentions are centered around the project but also that you are approachable and interested in them as a person. Let them know you enjoy working with them.
  2. Show you have an interest in their business overall not just the project in hand. Get to know their goals, their business profile, how they originated etc.
  3. Make sure you complete the project to exacting standards and on time (if not a little earlier). Let them know you are reliable.
  4. Don’t just drop the client once the project is completed. Tell them you are happy to assist them in the future. Be proactive. This is the point, if you have done your research properly, where you can identify other areas where you can offer your services.
  5. Give them some extra value. This can be feedback on their website, navigating a hurdle, giving them a recommendation – anything that can help them.
  6. This is obvious but stay in touch. This can be a follow up email a month or so later (or even once a quarter.) If your name is at the forefront of their minds for freelance work, you have a better chance of getting repeat business. Most clients would rather work with someone they know than start from scratch.
  7. With follow ups try to have a conversation and ask for their feedback on the project. This can be a starting point for a new venture. In short, market yourself. Reiterate all your skill set, they may have other projects that you can help with.
  8. Show them you are dependable, professional and prepared to work for them to achieve great results.

How do you get repeat business?

What methods do you use?