Obligations On Our Time Other Than Freelance Work…

Very busy businesswoman

With a plethora of activities requiring my attention in the past few months, my freelance work has unfortunately suffered. I am sure many other freelancers have experienced ‘low activity’ in their schedules and these periods can be a source of panic and worry or a time to refresh, organize, catch up with bookkeeping and promote to newly defined clientele.

My time has been split between social media blasts for one client, promotional events for my books, including launching my new young adult book, Clickety Click, secretarial duties for one non-profit and unexpectedly becoming President of another! Social media and membership drive for these organizations as well as a Policy & Procedures manual development for one. Added to that is a new ‘committee’ looking at affordable housing options in my area headed by our local MLA. And finally revision and editing of two manuscripts. So I have not been resting on my laurels, so to speak but it has meant I have not been as active in my freelance work. Am I doing too much? More than likely but I am passionate about each of these organizations/projects and cannot ‘give them up’.

However, a  friend’s referral in the last couple of weeks has given me a new client. It is an interesting project, creating on-line lessons for a massage professional. It is another aspect of my freelance skill base I can add as well as becoming familiar with a profession I had no knowledge of before now.

I know freelance work will come my way periodically even without focused promotion so I accept projects when they are offered and know I will continue to deliver quality work for my clients.

How do you use your ‘down time’?