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Thank you for dropping by


A great start to my new freelance blog – thank you for dropping by.

If you have any suggestions for articles, ideas or links you feel other freelancers would find informative, interesting or funny, please let me know.


Utilizing Opportunities & The Editable Best List…


Do you take advantage of opportunities sent your way?

One of the first lessons learnt in launching a freelance business is to identify and follow through with any and all opportunities given to you. Some might be poorly paid, others an exciting prospect but it is better to pick the ones that give value. However, the value does not always mean financial. When I interviewed a local not-for-profit cafe owner for a local e-zine, I took the incentive and approached the owner for the interview knowing I could utilize my link as a regular contributor to the e-zine, Strathcona Connect and promote her cafe. There was no financial benefit for me, but I promoted a worthwhile community driven business, for my extended neighborhood. The value is therefore, the addition of an article to my portfolio and my name on the article for other local businesses to see.


One other opportunity came from another source which was certainly not local. An exciting website is an editable guide to the best of things.  As a collaborative project, it gives users the opportunity to write their own reviews on a plethora of subjects. Subjects include but are certainly not limited to movies, websites, electronics and hotels. With an easy to use format; once an account is created, users can write their own expert views on a free page, enabling them to share their knowledge of events, media, people and places with the world. It is truly a public forum.

Why not take a look and enter your own review of ‘the best of…?’

Magazine Submissions

magazines-in-a-bunchI occasionally glance through magazines when visiting the hairdressers but find most are so full of adverts that I put them back. I prefer something with more substance, such as National Geographic and Writer’s Digest. In reality,the magazine company’s require the revenue from the advertisements but surely not so many! Do you find it annoying?

In my current research into freelancing, I have found many magazines, who welcome articles from freelance writers. I have compiled a long list and create specific articles for them.

Recently a friend found an article in a copy of Readers Digest, that I wrote many months ago. To be honest, I’d forgotten about it. With no confirmation forthcoming from the Digest office, I assumed that the article was not used.After a quick email, apologies were sent to me and the promise of a copy of the said magazine dispatched. It will be exciting to see it in print, something that never gets old.


Do you write for magazines?

What is your experience? Any tips?

Quotes: I love magazines. It’s such a McNugget kind of information. Scott Adams

Writing Life


The first thing that your web copy should not be is hackneyed! Whomever, your target audience, you need to interest them immediately (or soon after!) Taking time to get to know the client and understand how they want to be perceived will make your job easier. As you can see from this excellent advice:

This next link has some witty but seasoned advice:

I am researching (gradually) the intricacies of web copy and other writing skills as my freelance portfolio grows. Being open to new ideas and not being afraid to ask questions helps a great deal.

As writers, we are always striving to be better and looking to experts and their work is a good place to start.

What is your experience of ‘learning’ a new skill?