A Surprise Freelance Opportunity

Project Opportunities

As freelancers we are always looking for the next project – sometimes there is a gap between clients that gives us cause for concern but we need to think outside the box sometimes.

For example, I have been focused on the publication of the sequel to my novella, The Rython Kingdom for the last couple of months as Rython Legacy will be launched at a local annual event on 28th September. This has not been exclusive, however as I edited an author’s manuscript and gave feedback on another author’s first chapter, and met up with an author, who was just starting out and wanted advice on promotion. I also hosted my local writing groups monthly meetings and worked on improving my social media presence. During this time I investigated possible opportunities for projects – these arose from a variety of sources, some online, some not.

Rython part coverTeaser for Rython Legacy book cover.

We have to be open to new connections and that happened recently when I connected with the owner of an online magazine on Facebook after liking a post. I was blatant in asking if she accepted blog posts/articles and she was more than willing. We talked about my background and decided on topics I could write about that would be inline with the magazine’s themes. It is a nice project as I can write on a variety of topics and there is no deadline (a nice change!). The pay is reasonable and it is nice to have the ability to write on a more personal basis, while connecting with a larger group, I would never have known otherwise. It is an on-going project which gives me a semi-regular income.

I also received an invitation to join a Facebook group for Women’s Empowerment and although the post I shared did not generate income, it is a valuable source of potential future clients.

What freelance opportunity did you seize or find in an unusual way?