Editing and Proofreading Projects


I had several proofreading projects come my way over the last several months from various sources.

Two new authors asked for my assistance due to my creative writing and publishing experience, and these projects are on-going. The first draft of any manuscript is a collection of ideas, hazily written dialogue and continuity errors. However, with guidance these can be corrected and lessons learned to be practiced in the future. I am always pleased to help new writers gain in experience and confidence. My one rule is to harness their writing voice not impress my own style onto them.

A couple of other proofreading projects were through a local publishing company, and a NaNoWriMo workshop, comprising of five authors manuscripts. As you can imagine these were read over several months. It is always so interesting to read new narratives and give constructive critique. The added bonus is reading different writing styles.

What are your current projects?