Tips to Boost your Freelance Confidence

COVID restrictions are challenging enough without us suffering with self-doubt and spiraling down the rabbit hole into apathy. Boost your confidence with these tips and find that next project.

Identify your demons – are you suffering from thoughts of lack of experience or skills? Take a look at your past accomplishments – you did well before, so you can again. If you are still uncertain find a mentor. The freelance community helps its own.

Get a grip on your finances – don’t be afraid to charge more, save more and of course, work more. Grow your finances step by step. Get in the habit of paying yourself first, then the tax man and then use the remainder for expenses or education.

Connect with other freelancers – there are opportunities to not only learn, but to collaborate. Talk about your freelance life, share and encourage as well as receive insights and experiences.

Focus on your strengths – don’t be a jack of all trades. Delve into your strengths, past experience and create a niche that works for you.

Learning potential – use every opportunity to learn about your specific niche. The more you know the better. There are videos, podcasts and more available.

Don’t compare – your journey, your experience, your knowledge is unique to you. Comparing will never work – we are not all alike. Some may have been freelancing for decades, others a short time. Remember the most important part of the job – your clients appreciation. Cultivate client testimonials and show them with pride.

Control what you can – whether in your personal or business life – you are the creator. Make decisions based on your goals, your ambitions and no one else’s. Revisit old projects and client’s – there is always repeat work potential. Set realistic goals – don’t overwhelm yourself. Divide a larger project into easier, more manageable steps.

And finally, it is a well worn saying but worth repeating – think outside the box – and find new ways to generate project opportunities. This can range from following up with previous clients to pitching a local newspaper or magazine, or even a local business. Everyone is frustrated at lower incomes currently, so use it to your advantage and that of your clients. they win, you win.

Do you have any tips for boosting your confidence? Please share in the comments.

Happy freelancing.