Which Type of Freelancer Are You?

I read the attached article with some interest today – http://www.onespace.com/blog/2015/10/6-types-of-freelance-writer/

freelancer type

As a new and ‘hungry’ freelance writer we try to do it all – content, articles, and promotional leaflets, blogs etc but it may be detrimental to us building a successful business. If we promote ‘I can do it all’ and then not deliver, we will not only loose the client but more likely our credibility, which is far more critical in an increasingly competitive market.

Take some time to really define what your strengths are in your writing expertise and style. Tailor that to the clients you approach and how you advertise/promote your business. With the knowledge that the projects you are given are within your ‘scope’ will make the tasks easier and more enjoyable. With successful submissions to your clients, they are encouraged to use your services again.

Which type are you?

What are your strengths?

I enjoy creating blog posts, articles and newsletter and website content, all of which reflect my clients image and ‘voice’. You can see samples on my testimonial page.






Which Wordpress Theme Works for Freelancers?


It is always difficult to find a theme which expresses you and your freelance services. We end up scrolling through page after page, jotting down the benefits of themes that appeal. Then it is a matter of reading the options of each and customizing a theme that we feel best highlights us and our work.

I found this useful article that may help some of you.

40 Impressive (and Free!) WordPress Themes for Freelancers