When It Rains, it Pours – Be Careful What You Wish For- Multiple Freelance Clients

We all know that old saying be careful what you wish for now don’t we?I had wanted more clients…


So I am in the midst of a complex project ghost writing a book, it entails thinking outside the box as my client wants a particular mood and look for this publication. It entails focus and with no other projects waiting I was fairly happy that along with my personal writing commitments I would easily handle them all. Then a past client contacted me out of the blue to ask if I could write a couple more online lessons for her (I have written several previously) and could she have them prior to 1st March – her launch date! Now I am juggling and can see a weekend away from the distractions of home hiding in the library!

Obviously client work comes first and these projects take priority over my other commitments which are:

  1. Book reviews for two authors.
  2. Manuscript review for one author
  3. Editing & revising one of my own manuscripts
  4. Planning Canada 150 year celebrations for my writing foundation (as secretary) and Arts & Culture Council (as President) and a writing conference.

So I will not be wishing for more work just at the moment.

How do you handle multiple projects at the same time?

Very busy businesswoman