Special Price Freeze Offer from Tailored and Themed to Suit – Freelance Writing Resource

We are pleased to offer a special hold back on pricing on all freelance projects received in December for the month of January 2022. OFFER ENDED

As always pricing is based on the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC) rates but tailored to each client and project.

Send your queries to the contact email and we will respond shortly.

Author: mandyevebarnett

I have lived on several continents in my life - because of this I have a deep sense of their varied spiritual, physical and emotional depths. My imagination draws from my unconscious and remembered events and feelings giving my creativity a unique flavour. Children's books - Rumble's First Scare, Ockleberries to the Rescue.YA books - Clickety Click and Creature Hunt on Planet Toaria. Adult books - The Rython Kingdom, The Twesome Loop and Life in Slake Patch. Books all available from: www.mwww.dreamwritepublishing.ca and Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. My blog is - http://mandyevebarnett.com

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