Various Ways Freelancers Receive Projects…


I received a new project from a client this week, however, it was not the ‘normal’ mode of transmission. It was a voicing memo, something until now I have not experienced. It enables me to replay and pause multiple times ensuring I get all the information required.

So then I thought of the other modes of contact my clients use.

  1. Face to face / interview.
  2. Emails with idea notes and links for research.
  3. Email with an outline and links.
  4. Spoken/voicing memo.

Each method has benefits and although the mode varies the initial response is to compile notes on the content and then draft from them to create the final finished project.


Gathering detailed information to ensure all the facts are correct and the points your client requires are put across to their specification means whatever mode of transmission they use requires concentration and due diligence.

As you learn about a client you begin to know how they think, how they prefer their posts, articles and newsletters to ‘sound’. Voicing memos give us a unique perspective as we hear the clients inflections and emphasis on certain words or parts of the piece. Enabling us to literally ‘voice’ the piece.


Do you know of others?

Which mode of contact is most common for your clients.


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