Unusual Freelance Projects

Freelance blocks

Again I have been remiss in writing on this blog (my author blog posts are three times a week!) However, with a hectic schedule it is difficult to fit ‘everything’ in. That said I have been given a couple of unusual freelance projects in the past month or so.

One is to make a speech on a tour of cemeteries. Sounds bizarre doesn’t it? The tour is run by a local funeral company specializing in ‘alternative’ funerals and services. My part is to relate my experience of graveyards. What could I possibly say you ask? Well as a young teen I frequented an old graveyard not far from my childhood home as a place to escape my younger siblings and struggle with the hormone induced mood swings.

I cleaned the old grave markers revealing the names and dates and I felt I was honoring that person, who life was not just the ‘dash’ between dates. When on vacation in Wales I also found an ancient graveyard and again cleaned and honored those people. It became an annual ritual each time we stayed at Chapel Cottage.

This speech will be, in part, a way of looking at cemeteries in a different light. A place to reflect, honor and resolve.


The other project was to read and review a fantasy novel. The narrative was crowded with characters and action, which certainly kept me on my reading toes for sure. Supporting other authors is one of my favorite pastimes.


Once again I am open to new projects so please feel free to contact me. I am happy to discuss all types of writing projects and tailor the price to the project.



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