Organizing Life and Freelancing Demands without being Overwhelmed

With multiple demands on my time I have to maintain some kind of schedule for my freelance writing as well as the many other demands of ‘life’. Freelance projects are somewhat easier to schedule as they come with definite deadlines but other projects can disturb this regimented order.

Take for example my organization of a large event taking place this June. It will not only celebrate Canada’s 150th but also be a showcase for all the local artisans, cultural groups and organizations and associations that are within Strathcona County. With the Arts & Culture Council and the Diversity Committee boards involved there had to be a ‘central hub’ for information – yep you guessed it – me! (I am the President of the Arts & Culture Council so I suppose it should be me). It took me seven hours to produce a master list of performers, contacts, reservations, transport, displays, and more. Now it is a lot easier to update with a detailed layout.

Heritage w shuttle

I was invited to present at a writers conference, which happened last Saturday.   The theme was all things Canadian so I presented an interactive workshop on Building a Canadian Character. The session included each attendee choosing a particular province and building a character from its particular landscape, economy, resources etc. With numerous handouts I managed to compile, each attendee went home with helpful resources.

When I created the individual folders I pinned a small cloth doll to each and then asked everyone to choose – this meant they went for colour or pattern unaware I had put a photo inside for another exercise. Sneaky maybe but it worked well. Then later I asked everyone to describe with as much detail as possible the person in those photos. After they read their description they shown the photo to everyone else. It was a lesson in description. 

Conference 2017 logo

Both of these activities require concentration and commitment just like freelance writing. You commit to a project and see it through.

How do you deal with scheduling multiple demands on your time?

This link shows several freelancers schedules.


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