Freelance Projects Can be Diverse But That’s The Joy Of Them

Today saw the completion of several projects I have been working on and progress on another. It is always satisfying to finish assignments, knowing your client is happy with the end product.


I edited and beta-read two vastly different manuscripts – one a thriller and the other personal essays/memoir. In order for me to remain ‘in touch’ with each manuscript I read them in different locations and time of day. This ensured my mind set was right for the theme I was reading. I find it is not a good idea to ‘mix’ these type of assignments – the brain needs to be clear of other demands to make clear assessments.

The other project – ghostwriting a book – is much more complex as I am working with a client whose vision for the book is clear and precise. They know what voice and tone they want for the book as well as the addition of a host of images.

With multiple clients it is essential to schedule each one giving thought to the time it will take for each one (plus a little more time for a safety margin- this is vital). You can use a reverse calendar for organizing or a large wall calendar to plot each one in different coloured pen or highlighter.

I utilize a reverse calendar and colour code to give me a visual reminder.

I found these links which give good advice & some tips on scheduling processes.

What method(s) do you use?


The variety in my freelance work is what makes it enjoyable and worthwhile. I have ‘learnt’ about such diverse subjects as accounting, yoga, massage therapy, furniture, non-profits, boarding kennels and more!

What do you feel freelancing gives you?


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