Ghost Writing Project Review


Further to my previous post, some of you know I was approached by my publisher, Dream Write Publishing concerning a ghost writing project a couple of weeks ago. I met with the client and discussed in detail her vision for the book she wishes me to write. Not only will it be a book available through the normal channels but also as a marketing tool for her speaking engagements.

I like to meet face to face with clients as it allows me to not only get to know them but also their ‘energy’, humor and a more in-depth perspective of where they are coming from and their ‘vision’ of the finished article/book.

This particular individual is bubbly, enthusiastic and driven. These facets of her personality need to be reflected in the book. She loves memes, image driven inspiration and wants the book to be informative but also fun. This gave me plenty of information to base my plan on for the project.

Her main aim is to inspire people to take their idea and make it a reality.

It will be an interesting project and I hope she will allow me to work for and on behalf of her to create


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