Ghost Writing – 8 Pertinent Questions to Ask Upon Interview


My freelance work in 2016 was steady but not amazing so I am determined to improve in 2017. I am fortunate to have many word of mouth referrals and one such client came to me via my publisher recently.

The project is ghost writing and will be an interesting subject. My initial meeting with this client is this coming Saturday and I will prepare a list of questions to ensure I have the clients ‘vision, tone and structure’ detailed. This is important in all freelance work but especially for a ghost writing project, as the ‘book’ must reflect their ‘voice’ rather than mine.

Here is a list of eight questions that need asking on this type of project:

1. What kind of book do you want me to write?

2. Why do you want this book written?

3. Have you started writing already? Do you have any material or chapters for me to use or revise?

4. What’s your time frame? When do you want the book in print?

5. Why do you want a ghostwriter or co-author for your book? And which would you prefer?

6. What kind of publisher are you working with?

7. How do you want your book produced? E-book or print or a print-on-demand service? (This ensures I create the document in the correct format)

8.Who is your audience for the book? Why will they want to read it?

Obviously there will be other questions once I receive the answers to the above but these are a good starting point. In essence you must untangle the idea and thoughts of your client and make them into a concise, structured and understandable device.

What questions do you ask of your freelance clients to ensure a project is completed to their vision and wishes?





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