Assisting Others into Freelancing…


A significant allure of the freelancing life is the ‘freedom’ from the normal workplace. There is a romantic notion that consignments or projects just arrive via email, if only! However, when you are asked what it actually entails, many people are stunned at the amount of effort it takes to be successful.  Pitching, advertising, marketing and actively looking for work is the reality – it is not an easy option.

It will take years to develop your portfolio and gather samples of your writing and testimonials. Social media aids us with spreading the word of our freelancing business but it is down to actual hard work and professionalism that enables us to make a living.

I am happy to advise friends on the reality of freelancing and give them some pointers as to how to start. There are pitfalls of course and I can steer them away from ‘something for nothing’ websites. I make it perfectly plain that it is not a get rich quick option and that it will take time, for them to succeed.


  1. Be careful of websites that have low bidding wars. (Get paid first if only a deposit)
  2. Develop a website
  3. Gather samples of articles, posts etc.
  4. Get testimonials from clients
  5. Start with subjects you know well
  6. Practice your pitching techniques

What tips can you share for newbies?

How did you start your freelancing career?

Freelance blocks






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