Freelance Task Schedule


I am often asked how I manage to ‘juggle’ all my writing projects. The simple answer is – I write when I have time and then schedule. For example for my author blog I am posting three times a week this year. Monday, Wednesday & Saturday – each day has a different theme and requires research. When inspiration strikes I use it to create a blog post and then utilize the schedule feature to ensure the post goes out at the time and date I require.

For my freelance clients I make out a monthly schedule for the tasks they require me to complete. Each client is colour coded so at a quick glance I can see what I am doing on any particular day for each client. I also highlight deadlines to ensure work is completed prior to that date.

For example this week:

8th Feb: 3 facebook posts per day for 2 clients and a personal blog post

9th Feb: Board meeting for writing group. Create agenda.

10th Feb: 3 facebook posts per day for 2 clients and a personal blog post

11th Feb: Usual assistance at publishers (evening)

12th Feb:3 facebook posts per day for 2 clients, a specific blog post for another client and a personal blog post

As I have ‘free’ days I can create, submit and schedule most of these tasks. Another client only requires articles once or twice a month so these are easily accommodated.

How do I find the time? Well as I work full time I have to utilize ‘downtime’ i.e. early morning, lunch, and evening to make certain the articles, posts and freelance paperwork are taken care of. Once I have finished a project I create an invoice and detail the work done. If I am invoicing my client weekly or monthly I list each task, time tracked and cost so when the invoice is mailed out it is completed.

With ‘spare’ time on my schedule it is easy to slot in another project, knowing I am not going to be overwhelmed. Of course as the business grows the balance between full time work and freelance work will alter and I will have to devise a more structured system. However, for now it works for me and allows me to edit and revise a manuscript for my new novel.

How do you keep up with your work load?




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