Creation of Clients Articles – A Schedule


In your initial conversation with your client there should be two major questions asked.

What?  Determine what kind of content your client requires. Is it to attract new clients? Is it announcing new products? To promote upcoming events? Then ask how they envision the article to look – graphs, photos, bullet points etc. and if they require links to external or internal sources.

When is the Deadline Date? When do they require the finalized article? Once this is answered make sure to note it down and schedule your work accordingly. Give yourself at least four to five extra days, this enables you to revise and resubmit if needed without missing the deadline.

Once you have the topic of the article, take time to research it as well as the clients previous articles to ensure voice, SEO, types of images etc. are compatible with your clients vision.

Write the article and insert any links, images etc. and then leave it for a day. Come back with fresh eyes and re-read it. Adjust any type of error and test links to ensure they work.


When you are satisfied the article contains all the information your client required send it to your contact and request a proof read. This is the time to communicate to your client changes can be made if needed, then once approval is given send the ‘corrected’ article and an invoice.

Use your invoice tracking system, whether electronic or manual to enter the invoice and payment date.

Follow up with your client in a couple of weeks, firstly to ensure the article was published and to ask if they require further articles.

When you have multiple clients and deadlines – fill out a weekly or monthly schedule where you can easily see it. This will enable you to plan your workday and tasks quickly and efficiently.

What tips can you share?




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