Cooperation or Bartering with Other Small Business


I have found that word of mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to gaining new clients. Part of that success is due to the numerous small local businesses in my area. By utilizing each others strengths, skills and knowledge, we are able to sometimes barter services rather than invoice between ourselves.

With a strong social media management skill, I offer tri-weekly schedules of multiple posts per day on my clients chosen format. Blog posts, articles, newsletter and website content is tailored to each clients needs and are scheduled per instruction. For these services, I gain website links and the added benefit of extended coverage to other businesses. It also gives me access to companies whose services may help me with other future projects.

There are a number of organizations, such as your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau that enhance your business profile and give you vital links to your local services and business owners.

Bartering is not a new concept of course but it can help when your small business is cash poor – see link:

For a small or fledging businesses bartering can aid cash poor companies while they build their client base and retain funds for vital supplies and services. Mutual respect and cooperation are the foundation for this business compromise.

Have you bartered for services?

Tell us your experiences.
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