New Year, New Clients…

Freelance blocks

I am looking forward to 2016, as I have three new clients to add to my portfolio. One is a high-profile accounting firm, another a local bookstore and another a fellow author, requiring assistance. Each one has specific needs and requirements that I will tailor-make my services to.

The start of any relationship, whether personal or business requires a certain amount of ‘give and take’ but most importantly a willingness to get to know each other. Once both sides understand where the other is coming from it is easier to adapt your writing to their style. In writer’s terms – their voice.

The accounting firm will require complex articles in regard to taxes, employees, and business finance but also so that their services have a ‘face’ so their clients get to know who they are dealing with. The bookstore and author require engaging posts and social media presence to develop sales and interest in them. With my other clients requiring this kind of social media presence on a regular basis, I will be able to schedule tweets, Facebook posts etc. easily three times a day, three times a week as well as targeted boosts.

The joy of freelance writing is not only the diversity of subjects you encounter but the challenge to ensure each client is happy with the results.

What are your plans for 2016?



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