Magazine Submissions

magazines-in-a-bunchI occasionally glance through magazines when visiting the hairdressers but find most are so full of adverts that I put them back. I prefer something with more substance, such as National Geographic and Writer’s Digest. In reality,the magazine company’s require the revenue from the advertisements but surely not so many! Do you find it annoying?

In my current research into freelancing, I have found many magazines, who welcome articles from freelance writers. I have compiled a long list and create specific articles for them.

Recently a friend found an article in a copy of Readers Digest, that I wrote many months ago. To be honest, I’d forgotten about it. With no confirmation forthcoming from the Digest office, I assumed that the article was not used.After a quick email, apologies were sent to me and the promise of a copy of the said magazine dispatched. It will be exciting to see it in print, something that never gets old.


Do you write for magazines?

What is your experience? Any tips?

Quotes: I love magazines. It’s such a McNugget kind of information. Scott Adams


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